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SB.TV: The UK's Leading Online Broadcaster We showcase talent, not status.

SBTV GLOBAL LTD (aka SB.TV) is a new, innovative and exciting, ‘music and lifestyle’ media platform with a ‘Global’ reach, which to date, has amassed over 100,000,000 hits on the Smokeybarz YouTube channel. We are an online broadcaster come production team, and we understand our audience, because effectively, we are our audience.

There are no particular boundaries at SB.TV (unless we set them ourselves) which allows us a creative freedom when producing high quality, unfiltered, unbiased, content that we hope will serve as entertainment and inspiration. Having built something from scratch organically, which has now evolved into a powerful machine for artists to showcase their work; SB.TV has never done this for any other reason than our passion for music and the creative industries.

Our work is carried out with precision, flair and energy. We are a talented team who offer a professional service.

Don’t watch me, Watch SB.TV.

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SB.TV - Flirta D - Warm Up Sessions

I turned 22 today (24th August) so I thought what better way to celebrate my birthday then spontaneously releasing a Warm Up I filmed the other day with Flirta D, one of my favourite artists for a long time. ENJOY!

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